Signature Affairs

You have one goal - to ensure your event goes off seamlessly and stunningly.  As your corporate, social, and entertainment affairs expert, we work with vendors and coordinate all the logistics with a keen eye for detail and excellence unmatched.  Our team of qualified professionals have strong relationships within in the event and greater hospitality industry to ensure your event features the best vendors at the best value.  We know how strict budgets can be, so we always seek to make your event magical within your desired budget!  If you have to impress the right donors or potential clients and need to throw a luxurious gala or signature production, we have the leading industry event companies within our network and the experience to create that experience beyond your expectations.

As a professional partner, we will promptly and effectively address vendor, guest, and, most importantly, your questions and concerns for the day of the event.  We do all to ensure your day is sealed in excellence by making sure the schedule flows appropriately, communications are made to necessary parties, and final closing and post-event logistics are coordinated.  The reliability and prompt attention for which our team and event production partners are historically known will leave your mind at perfect peace as the details and design of your occasion are assembled and executed flawlessly.

Signature Affairs Planning ranges in pricing depending on the length and scope of the event or production.

To make your next signature event an affair to remember, please contact Hinesmark Affairs.

Make your next signature event an affair to remember!